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\\nationale nederlandse vlag
Earl W Schildmeier
Earlene Schildmeier 1924-1986
Edward M Schildmeyer
Elaine Schildmeyer ,
Elisabeth Ann Schildmeyer 1924-?
Elizabeth Schildmeyer 1902-1987
Elmer H Schildmeier
Elmer Schildmeier 1919-1997
Elsie Schildmeier 1897-1990
Emma Schildmeier 1879-1962
Emma Schildmeier 1893-1986
Emma Schildmeyer 1884-?
Eric Schildmeyer
Eric Schildmeyer ,
Erna Schildmeier
Esther Schildmeier 1886-1964
Eugene F Schildmeier
Eva Schildmeier 1901-1975
Everlyn Schildmeier

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